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We are fortunate to have truly great Patients who care about having a Smile Lifestyle®, and who appreciate being part a Dental Practice who truly cares and want to be there for the long haul. Many of them have been kind enough to publicly share their experience with us. Also, be sure to check out our over 1,000 – 5 STAR RATINGS ON GOOGLE!!

our Farmington, NM, dentists have over 1,000 reviews on Googles with 5 stars

Featured Testimonial

“Below is my review of the sleep apnea mouthguard experience:

After receiving the results of a sleep study and realizing I had mild to moderate sleep apnea with a low oxygen level of 83%, I knew I had to do something to improve my health!  However, I also knew I would not be able to use a CPAP machine!  Not only was I imagining the cumbersome mask and restrictive tubing, but also as an avid camper, I could not imagine lugging around such an apparatus and the power pack it would need to run off-grid!  When a mouth guard was suggested, I was more than happy to try it.  I was recommended to see Dr. Schumacher at Dental Hills Dental Care, which was already my dental provider so that made setting the appointment easy!

After my first appointment and some hi-tech imaging, my mouthguard was sent off to be made.  In the meantime, Dr. Schumacher recommended using a snore recording app on my phone to listen to what I sounded like when I snored and to monitor my progress once I started wearing the appliance.  After the first recording, I was shocked to hear myself snoring, gasping, and choking trying to breathe throughout the night!  Once I received the mouthguard, it took a few visits to Dr. Schumacher to get the correct fit and tension, but once that was customized to my mouth & teeth, my “snore score” began to drop drastically!  Over the past 6 months, it has gone from a score of above 50 down to single digits – mostly under 5!!  And best of all – my oxygen levels at night have been shown to not go below 90%!

I definitely feel better each morning now that I am not struggling to breathe each night.  I am no longer groggy and depressed-feeling when I wake up but instead have clarity, more energy and a brighter outlook on the day!  For a few weeks, when my appliance had to go back to the lab, I experienced that old groggy, tired and disgruntled feeling waking up and realized then how much of a difference wearing the mouth guard makes in my ability to get a good night’s sleep.

The mouth guard is very easy to wear.  At first I was worried about getting my jaw out of line, but there is a small “exerciser” that I bite on after the mouth guard has been out for 15 minutes and that ensures that my bite goes back to normal within just a few minutes.  Also I have not had any residual or immediate pain in my jaws or headaches from the mouth guard pulling my jaw slightly forward while I sleep.

The whole experience has been a very positive one and has definitely improved my sleep and overall health!  Dr. Schumacher and his staff have taken great care to ensure the best fit for my mouth guard and have taken me step by step through the process.  I would recommend to anyone considering using a CPAP machine to first try wearing a mouth guard at night to see if this easier & simpler remedy will work for them. And I would definitely recommend Dr Schumacher at Dental Hills as the best provider for this sleep apnea solution!”

Lisa J.

Farmington, NM

Colleague Testimonial

If you have sleep apnea or even if you just snore significantly, I highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Schumacher. He has the ability to fit patients with a dental appliance that relieves the airway obstruction while sleeping. In my profession (anesthesiologist), I work with people who suffer from the effects of sleep apnea every day, and those effects can be profound. I used to snore REALLY loudly and would intermittently wake myself up with some airway obstruction. But after receiving my dental appliance from Dr. Schumacher I have no more snoring. My wife is so much happier! The appliance is just like wearing a retainer- it feels perfectly natural and doesn’t cause any soreness or problems. I sleep much better now!”

Dr. Sam A.

After searching for a dental office around town, we found Desert Hills to be the right place for our family. They have been taking care of our smiles now for 9 years. The Desert Hills team is a company that understands their patients and the need of their patients. They are providing better dental care on what otherwise could be a traumatic experience for patients and because of this, it inspires loyalty. You know the service is excellent when your children keep asking when their next dental appointment will be. Desert Hills has professional expertise, integrity and compassionate concern for the person on the other end of drill and are most appreciated by our family.

— The Neidhart’s

Family of 4 smiling outdoors
Family of 3 smiling outdoors

We’ve been going to Desert Hills Dental for over 15 years and we love the thorough, kind and professional service they have always given our family.  The entire staff is a pleasure to work with.

— The Todd Family

We can’t say enough about Desert Hills Dental. We absolutely love Dr. Burgess! She is so thoughtful, caring and always does an amazing job. The hygienists are fantastic with all ages.The office team is always kind and generous. We are treated like family by everybody. We are grateful for Desert Hills Dental!

— Tim & Shay Brusin

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Elderly man laughing outdoors

My wife, Mary Lee, loves to point out the complete patient-centric experience at Desert Hills Dental beginning with the reception desk, staff, hygienists, dental assistants, and superior dentists. My take on it is that the folks at Desert Hills Dental have elevated the concept of “family dentistry” to a new level. Not only are they there to treat “your family”, but they also make you feel like a part of “their family”!

— Dale Smith

Our family loves going to Desert Hill Dental, the staff there is amazing. When we go there we feel valued as patients, and  look forward to seeing all the friendly faces at the office. The office is always clean, and they are great at getting you in on time. We wouldn’t go any where else and we always tell our friends and family how wonderful it is.

— Hannah Fakhoury

Family of four smiling outdoors

Video Testimonials

Desert Hills Dental Care featuring patient Stacy Thomas & Dr. Clarissa Burgess

Desert Hills Dental Care featuring Gini & Kyle

Desert Hills Dental Care featuring Patient Nicole Triplett

I was greeted with a very nice welcome. This was my first visit to Desert Hills Dental Care and the service was excellent. I did not have to wait at all and was very happy I decided to make the trip to Farmington from Gallup. I was very happy with the service and would refer others to Desert Hills Dental Care.

– C.B., Gallup

Each person I met made me feel important and cared about. I cannot imagine a better place to have my oral health cared for. I feel very grateful and will recommend clients.

– K.W., Farmington

This is one of the best dental offices we have ever been to as a family. The office staff is wonderful. They are always so nice to all of us. The waiting room is very pleasant and the toys are very appreciated by our children. We have never had to wait long for an appointment. We usually never wait at all. Our children actually look forward to their appointments.

– A.H., Hesperus

I really like the service I receive from everyone during my visits. I would definitely recommend this business to others. Thank you so much. I know I am getting the most of my insurance by coming to you.

– D.Z., Yatahey

I was impressed with the digital x-rays and appreciated having everything explained. My hygienist is skilled at his task. He always answers my questions and gives me adequate information to make decisions. The office staff are efficient and know how insurance/billing works. I also appreciated the on-line reminder!

– J.B., Aztec

I have been a patient for about 3 or 4 years. I love the team. I am always greeted right away – my wait is never long. I feel important when I am there (even with as many patients as you all have). I have nothing but good things to say! Keep up the great work, and I would recommend your office in a heartbeat!!

– A.G., Farmington

I have been a patient for over 5 years. The fast, friendly service has not changed. I always feel as if I am a best friend to each of the employees! Thanks for keeping my smile healthy!

– AG Farmington, NM

The staff is truly the most warm and seemingly sincere people that I have ever met. The Doctors are very caring and explain themselves well. No matter how many questions you have, they are great to handle each one. I am more than happy to be a patient there. Thank you all!

– T.H., Farmington

I am having a whole new experience with dentistry than I have ever had before. I love it! Thank you so much for approaching dentistry more as a whole…blessings.

– P.B., Aztec

I have been going to Desert Hills Dental Care since I was a child and recommend this place to everyone I know. Thank you so much for years of great service!

– A.M., Aztec