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Experience The Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology

Dental technology has come a long way, transforming traditional dental procedures into minimally invasive and highly accurate treatments. In the past, dental procedures could be uncomfortable and risky, and traditional X-ray technology was limited in its ability to detect dental problems. However, with modern advancements dental practices can offer precise and customized treatments that are more efficient and less painful.

At Desert Hills Dental Care our Farmington family dentists and staff use the latest dental technology to provide the highest standard of treatment for all our patients. Our advanced equipment enables us to deliver faster, safer, and more efficient dental procedures. 

Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology

Improved Accuracy

Advanced dental technology, such as 3D imaging and digital and intraoral scanners, provides our dentists with more detailed and accurate information about a patient’s teeth and oral structures. This allows for more precise diagnoses and treatment planning, ultimately leading to better outcomes.

Reduced Treatment Time

With advanced technology, many dental procedures can be performed more efficiently, reducing the amount of time patients spend in the dental chair. For example, dental lasers can significantly reduce the time it takes to treat gum disease.

Improved Patient Comfortdental laser treatment

Many advanced dental technologies are less invasive and more comfortable than traditional methods. For instance, laser dentistry is often less painful than traditional treatments, and promotes faster healing. In addition, digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure for patients while providing a clearer image for dentists to work with.

Enhanced Patient Education

Advanced dental technology allows dentists to better educate patients about their oral health. For example, intraoral cameras capture high-quality images of a patient’s teeth, which our dentists can display on a monitor for the patient to view. This helps patients better understand their oral health needs and make informed decisions about their treatment options.

Increased Safety

Advanced dental technology is designed with patient safety in mind. For instance, 3D imaging allows dentists to identify potential risks before a procedure, reducing the chance of complications. Additionally, digital X-rays emit less radiation than traditional X-rays, further protecting patients.

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Our Advanced Dental Technology

3D Imaging with Cone Beam Scanner

Our 3D cone beam scanner provides our skilled dentists with a comprehensive view of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Unlike traditional X-rays or CT scans, this advanced imaging technology produces a precise virtual model of your jaw, allowing us to plan your treatment with accuracy. 3D imaging is particularly useful for planning dental implant placement, as it offers a highly detailed view of your jawbone and gum tissue.

Digital X-Rays for Minimal Radiation Exposure

At our Farmington practice, we prioritize our patients’ health and safety by using digital X-rays during dental checkups. Our digital X-rays significantly reduce radiation exposure, ensuring your long-term health is not at risk. Moreover, this technology provides added convenience, allowing us to immediately view your scans and show them on a video monitor. You can follow along with our dentists as we explain your treatment options.

Intraoral Scanner for Precise Dental Imaging

Our intraoral scanner is a small device that helps us examine every area of your mouth in detail. With its camera-like features, we obtain high-quality images of your oral cavity, even in hard-to-see areas. You can view these images alongside our dentists on a small monitor, allowing you to take an active role in your dental treatment and better understand how to care for your teeth.

Soft Tissue Laser for Efficient Dental Procedures

Our specialized dental laser makes it easier for our dentists to detect cavities, remove tooth decay, and treat gum infections, making these standard procedures more efficient and convenient. Dental lasers target and removes oral infections without damaging healthy tissue, ensuring a fast and minimally invasive treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can technology help with dental anxiety?
How can I be sure that dental technology is safe?
Is advanced dental technology more expensive than traditional methods?
Can intraoral scanners detect all dental issues or are some problems still undetectable?
Can technology help with dental anxiety?

Yes, dental technology can help with dental anxiety. Many patients are less likely to feel nervous or afraid if they don’t see or hear traditional dental tools, such as scalpels and drills. Additionally, many practices now offer sedation dentistry which has become increasingly popular, with options ranging from mild relaxation to full sedation. These technologies can help patients feel more comfortable and relaxed during their dental appointments.

How can I be sure that dental technology is safe?

Dentists prioritize patient safety and make sure to use only FDA-approved technology. Additionally, dental professionals are trained and experienced in using these advanced tools and follow strict sterilization and infection control protocols to ensure a safe and clean environment. 

Is advanced dental technology more expensive than traditional methods?

Advanced dental technology may come with a higher initial cost for the dental office, but it can lead to cost savings in the long run. This can reduce the need for repeat procedures or referrals to specialists. 

Patients may also benefit from shorter treatment times, which can result in less time off work and fewer expenses associated with multiple dental appointments. Additionally, some insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost of advanced dental procedures. Be sure to contact your insurance provider beforehand to ask them which costs they can cover.

Can intraoral scanners detect all dental issues or are some problems still undetectable?

Intraoral scanners are very accurate, but there may be some dental issues that they cannot detect. For example, some problems may be located in areas that are difficult to reach with the scanner, or may require additional diagnostic tools to properly identify. 

However, overall, intraoral scanners are a highly effective tool for diagnosing and treating a wide range of dental issues. Discuss any concerns with your dentist to determine the best course of treatment.

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At Desert Hills Dental Care, we want every patient to have a comfortable and efficient experience at our office. That’s why we use our advanced technology to ensure you receive the highest standard of care. 

Contact us at (505) 327-4863 or request an appointment online and learn more about how our dental technology can benefit you. We look forward to welcoming new and returning patients from Farmington and surrounding areas such as Kirtland, Spencerville, and Bloomfield, NM.

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