Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Farmington, NM

Professional Teeth Whitening Boosts Your Confidence

Many patients believe store-bought whitening strips are the most efficient way to brighten their teeth. But these treatments usually take multiple attempts and seldom provide the brightening effects patients are looking for. That’s why our dentist Dr. Schumacher recommends professional teeth whitening to lift your smile by up to eight shades in just one session.

Explore how professional teeth whitening eliminates tough stains in as little as 45 minutes in our guide below.

Advanced Whitening Technology

At Desert Hills Dental Care, we do our best to provide solutions that remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria buildup. We always want to remedy the cause of discoloration at the source. Along with other cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening at our Farmington office or with an at-home treatment allows you to achieve your dream smile in one short session. 

LED-Assisted Teeth Whitening

LED-assisted whitening technology is a trusted method of releasing years of stains from beneath your enamel. It’s a clinically proven method of brightening your teeth that also helps strengthen them during the process. 

Step 1: Preparing Your Mouth

To begin your journey to a bright smile, a member of our dental team will professionally deep-clean your teeth. Once we’ve thoroughly cleaned them, we’ll apply a protective gel to your gums and lips before brushing your teeth with a powerful whitening gel. 

Step 2: The Whitening Process

We’ll then activate the whitening gel by exposing it to LED lights. These help the whitening gel penetrate your enamel and dissolve stains. Our team will assess the shade of your teeth to ensure we don’t exceed your expectations. Within an hour, you’ll have a brighter smile that you’ll feel excited to show off. 

Laser Teeth Whitening

We perform laser whitening for our patients who require more precise treatment. Patients who choose laser whitening often want only a selection of specific teeth brightened. This is usually used to avoid exposure to dental restorations that can’t be whitened using this process. We also use it to improve the appearance of a single stained tooth. 

The laser whitening process is similar to the LED whitening process. However, it applies laser precision to activate the gel. This gives us pinpoint accuracy when we’re performing the treatment while avoiding any unwanted areas. Ask Dr. Schumacher about our whitening solutions during your consultation at our Farmington office.

Make Your Smile Shine at Desert Hills Dental Care

Whitening your teeth can rejuvenate your smile and your whole appearance. No matter how much you want to whiten your smile, we can provide solutions that work for you. Our advanced dental technology allows you to achieve the ideal results in one quick appointment at our Farmington office. 

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