Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry in Farmington, NM

At Desert Hills Dental Care, we prioritize your family’s dental needs. Our gentle care allows you to give your family the beautiful smile they deserve. Family dentistry is a type of preventative oral health care that focuses on children and teenagers. Our dentists provide effective dental treatments, creating lifelong oral health habits for your whole family.

General Family Dentistry

Our experienced team of dentists is proud to provide several general dental services that help your entire family maintain their beautiful smiles. 

We’ll also advise you on how to take care of your children’s teeth. Our dentists recommend visiting our office as soon as your child’s first tooth begins to show, or no later than their first birthday, and every six months afterward. We’ll deep clean their teeth and gums, preventing cavities and other uncomfortable oral health problems.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a proven way to prevent cavities. We often use dental sealants on children and teenagers when their molars come in, but they can be beneficial for patients of any age. These sealants help flatten the surface of their teeth, so food and other bacteria can’t hide in hard-to-brush areas and create cavities. Ask about this treatment during your child’s consultation.

Fluoride Treatments

Our fluoride treatments are another great way to prevent cavities. These treatments use a fluoride rinse to strengthen your enamel, protecting you and your family from harmful tooth decay. We recommend this treatment for anyone who wants to protect their teeth from future damage. 

TMJ Treatment

If anyone in your family grinds their teeth at night or struggles with severe head, jaw, and neck pain, ask our dentists about TMJ therapy. We can assess their jaw and determine what treatment option will work best for their needs. Learn more about finding relief from an overworked jaw muscle on our guide to TMJ Therapy.

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Our experienced dental staff is proud to provide state-of-the-art dental treatments for your entire family. We’ll examine your family’s teeth, perform deep cleanings, and provide any necessary dental treatments. Our dentists recommend scheduling dental appointments every six months to establish lifelong oral health habits with your children. Contact our office today at (505) 327-4863 to schedule your family’s check-ups and help them create smiles they’ll love.

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