Good Eating Habits and Your Dental Health

You think about food with your brain and will probably first notice it with either your eyes or nose, but it is your mouth that represents the entry point of anything you consume. Your teeth and gums are so very important in the digestive process, which is why the food you eat needs to be good for them as well the rest of your body. Poor dietary habits, may in fact reveal themselves first in your teeth and gums.

Individual nutrition and calorie needs depend largely upon the person and his or her age, gender, level of physical activity and overall health. However, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion clearly believes that a healthy and balanced diet is important for everyone. This is why it recommends on its MyPlate website consumption of the following food products:

  • Fruits and vegetables, which should cover at least half of your plate at every meal
  • Grains, at least half of which should be in the form of such products as brown
  • rice, oatmeal and whole wheat bread
  • Dairy products, preferably those that have zero or little fat content
  • Protein, especially fish, lean beef and skinless poultry

A healthy diet should be complimented with a moderate amount of exercise at least two to three hours every week. You also need regular dental care, the kind available from a Desert Hills Dental Care. In terms of eating, you need to remember that what you consume affects your entire body, including the place where you put that food!